Sultanov approached SIAN with an idea to be a singer initially, there brief was “this is my music and my name is Dan Sultanov!”

The rest was up to our imaginations…

From the initial meeting with the client it was clear this was a project that has a strong art connection and in order to stand out SIAN got to work on briefing the design team in a very artistic / abstract way. Our first instinct was to ask the artist to draw! and literally create his own imagery in order for us to give him a truly authentic brand, that is completely unique to him. This was a gamble but one that paid off.

We asked that he drop his first name and become a one name brand and from there developed the unique brand identity Sultanov. The scope of works for SIAN involved creation of the strategy, designing the brand, hiring the teams, website design, album artwork design, launch event design and management, creating music videos and much more.

Sultanov will now be used as an advertising brand as the client was so inspired by the identify created it took his concept to a whole new level and his ideas in a whole new direction….. watch this space is all we can say!

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