Motivate Your Employees With A Great Company Event


12 Feb 2016

Employee events can be incredibly useful in an oganisation, helping staff to bond, work together as a team, and understand the overarching aims and desires of your business.

Employee motivation day is all about understanding how to create a workforce that is passionate about what they do, and has the tools necessary to work well, and go above and beyond what is expected of them. This year it takes place on the 25th February, so celebrate it by creating a fantastic business event where you can use the day to thank your staff for all their hard work and inspire them to keep doing what they do best.

You may simply want to organise a party or fun team bonding experience to give your staff a well-deserved rest, and let them know how much you appreciate them. Alternatively you may want to go even further and set up a conference, gala dinner or charity fundraising event where you can communicate the culture of your organisation, your hopes for the future, and how you see your employees fitting in with your vision.

How to make the most of your employee events

To get the most out of an employee event you should bring together staff across the entire organisation, at all levels in the business. Create a lively internal dialogue so that everyone understands the importance of the other’s role in helping with the smooth running and success of your company.

For staff attending the events this is an opportunity to gain insight into the organisations culture, to get to know colleagues across the board on a more personal level, receive information and resources and work together to come up with new ideas about how to make the business even more profitable and brilliant in future.

So what should you consider before organising a staff event?

How the day will run

Why not make your event staff-led? Ask them what they hope to gain from the event, include them in the format and setting the agenda to make sure the event has purpose and is of use to them. Find out what motivates them, what sparks passion and energises them, what you can do for them to achieve an excellent reputation in terms of staff retention and satisfaction? Encouraging this input ahead of the event will make staff feel as though they are being listened to, and will encourage more enthusiastic participation on the day.

Venue and theme

Choosing the appropriate venue for your staff event is important. You want to source somewhere that is not only practical for what you have in mind, but that engages and excites those that attend. If your event is a whole day affair you need to think about breaking it up into different sections. If you have speakers make sure you have time for questions, if you are hosting workshops make sure you have breakout rooms which can be used for smaller groups. Make sure the venue offers suitable catering facilities for refreshments throughout the day, or source somewhere close by where you can take your staff for lunch. Make the event feel special by carefully choosing a venue that reflects your business as well as being impressive in terms of its overall look and feel.

Generate excitement

The best employee events will be ones that your employees are excited to attend. Make an effort beforehand to generate interest, invite your employees personally. Remind them of it with posters and, if you have one, in the staff newsletter. Open up forums to get people talking about the event beforehand, so as the day draws near your staff are already geared up to have a great (and productive) time.

Prepare materials

If your event has presentations, and workshops make sure you circulate useful materials before and after. Giving your employees the schedule beforehand will allow them to understand how the day will pan out. A useful pack explaining what the day is about, and why you have decided to host it is also a good idea.

After the event make sure you send out a summary, thank staff for coming and explain why it was a success. Forward on any useful documents such as power point presentations and make sure there is a place where staff are encouraged to discuss the event and its themes and outcomes further – be that a follow up in team meetings, or via a discussion forum. Remember the most useful events will encourage staff to act so draw up an action plan and make sure you follow it through.

Of course the type of event you hold will vary from business to business depending on its size and type. However regardless of this the objectives should be the same – to bring your staff together, to make them feel part of something, and to leave them feeling informed, motivated and inspired.

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