What to Look for in an Event Manager


22 Jan 2016

Great Qualities All Event Managers Should Have

Choosing the right business or individual to run your event is so important. Any event, regardless of what it is takes the same core qualities to execute well. Having assurance that your event manager will be able to create a successful and meaningful event which realises your vision and enhances your business is crucial.

So what are the skills, experience and attributes that you should look for to ensure that you pick the right Event Manager to look after your event? Below we have pulled together a comprehensive list which will help you when it comes to making that decision.

Great Event Managers should have:

Excellent time management

Event Managers need to be organised, and one of the first things that will tell you whether they are or not is their time management skills.

Not only do they need to ensure that they can organise themselves to be on time, but also when it comes to structuring your event they need to have a thorough understanding, and experience, of how long things will take, and the ability to re-plan, re-schedule and ensure every aspect of your event is completed on time.

If you are hiring an Event Manger to take care of the running of you event, they also need to accurately evaluate how long each element will take (dinner, speeches, workshops etc.) and make sure your event runs smoothly and to schedule.

The ability to be resourceful

Good Events Managers will understand that no matter how well you plan you can never guarantee that an event will run exactly as you had hoped. There will always be something, whether big or small that requires a creative fix. The ability to be clever and resourceful in these situations is imperative.

Event Managers should be both risk evaluators and problem solvers. They need to be able to think on their feet, pull the team together and find workable solutions to ensure your event can continue – be it at the planning stages or during the event itself.

Fantastic communication skills

Event Managers are ideas people, but also people managers. They need to be able to communicate effectively on every level, and with a huge range of people. They should display high levels of emotional intelligence, have the ability to get everyone on board, understanding the same vision and working towards the same ultimate goal.

Being a good communicator is of course about listening too. Understanding your brief and finding ways to realise what you want is important. Taking on board criticism, being able to appreciate alternative ideas, but also not being afraid to speak up when an idea cannot work or could be harmful to your brand are all qualities you should look for in a great Events Manager.

Demonstrative passion for what they do

It will become apparent very quickly if an Events manager is jaded or simply only offering their services for the pay cheque at the end. While it is natural that some events allow for more creativity, a good Events Manager will be able to show enthusiasm for any type of event they are involved with, and their ideas will reflect this.

Making your event a productive and interesting one, and one which enhances your business is an Event Managers main role, and is what they should love to do.

Remain calm, flexible and decisive regardless of the situation

The last thing you want is an Event Manager who can’t deal with pressure, or who gets themselves worked up when the slightest thing goes wrong. An experienced and high quality Events Manager should be used to remaining calm in stressful or difficult situations, keep a level head at all times, and be able to successfully take control of situations and people and find effective ways of working productively throughout, or turning the situation on its head so it is diffused and no longer an issue.

Hiring the perfect Events Manager for your event is all about understanding what you need. These qualities are what you should expect from any good Events Manager, after that it is all down to who you believe will do the best job.

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